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Meet Kay - a virtual trainer who uses principles from behavioral psychology to help you
  • Read regularly
  • Remember more of what your read
  • Find book recommendations & connect with other readers

How many books did your read last year? How much do you remember from them?

Potential uses a few tricks to help turn you into a reading wizard 🧙

Feature 02

Reading Buddy

Get paired with other readers to keep each other accountable

Motivate and learn from each other

Feature 03

Retention Framework

Leverage spaced repetition using flashcards

Use our retention framework to remember more from your daily readings

Feature 01

Intelligent Reminders

Get reminded to read at the right time, with messaging that is likely to get you going


I like that my reading buddy sends a photo proof of his daily readings. It's a little peak into a different book and keeps me motivated to stay on top of my readings.

I've used flashcards for my USMLE prep, and they help a lot. Using them on my non-fiction reading made sense to get more value out of what I read

I wanted someone to keep my accountable on my reading habit. Potential helped me find an accountability buddy and we check-in with each other daily to make sure we're sticking to our goals.

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