Be your Best Self

Meet Kay - a virtual habit trainer who uses principles from behavioral psychology to help you build permanent habits
  • Read regularly
  • Work out consistently
  • Meditate daily
  • Or any other habit

How did your 2019 resolutions go?

Ever try building a habit, and stop after a few days? Motivation is a fickle beast. Potential helps solve the motivation problem.

Feature 02

Accountability Buddy

Get paired with others in a friendly weekly competition

Motivate and learn from each other

Feature 03

Loss Aversion

Pick a charity that gets your pledged amount only if you don't meet your goals

Worst-case, the money still goes to a good cause!

Feature 01

Intelligent Reminders

Get reminded to work on your habit at the right time, with messaging that is likely to get you going


I like that I'm partnered with people who keep me consistent on my workouts. On the weeks that I can’t workout, I don’t mind giving that money to charity as I know it’s for a good cause. But the accountability and proof sharing is what keeps me going.

"I use Potential to remain accountable to my time management system and to get things done. Even a minor improvement in my life is a win for me, as small wins add up, and Potential ensures that it remains there.

I wanted someone to keep my accountable on my meditation habit. Potential helped me find an accountability buddy and we check-in with each other daily to make sure we're sticking to our goals.

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